• High-Grass Diet

  • Non-GMO Feeds

  • Sustainable

  • Natural

  • Healthy


Boyden Farm’s Promise and Commitment:

“No growth promoting antibiotics or hormones.”


Know How It’s Grown – High Grass Diet


Since the early 1800’s our farm, on a rich flood plain of the Lamoille River, in Cambridge, Vermont has benefitted from good loam soil. Our careful stewardship of the land has rewarded us with Organic Certification from NOFA Vermont for our grass, hay and crops, which ensures they are NON-GMO and are raised without synthetic herbicides and pesticides, antibiotics and artificial hormones.
Our certified organic soybeans are sold to Vermont Soy for their tofu production. The okara, which is the part of the soybean not used in tofu, is then fed to our animals, sustainably, closing the loop of the biological system.

The bedding in the barn is made from the straw of our certified organic soybeans.

“We treat our animals like you treat your children;

they are part of this family farm.”

Mark Boyden