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At Boyden Farm we focus on family farming, the way it used to be and should be. Our family farm and local butcher shop produce high quality flavorful beef our customers deserve. Our locally sourced cattle receive a healthy grass fed diet finished with old fashioned non-GMO feeds, creating delectable beef that is better than grass fed alone. Our 5th generation Vermont farm produces the highest quality of beef through our roots of family farming!

Straight from our farm to your doorstep.

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We believe our customers should get quality beef, grown the way it should be

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Small farm and butcher shop

Family farms networking together to bring the real landscape of farming back to standards of excellence. Boyden Farm has brought producing beef back to its roots through small butcher shops and locally raised cattle.


Our cattles grass fed diet with non-GMO grain and flax finishings creates higher quality beef that is better than grass fed alone. Research has shown this diet and finishings increases Omega 3 content and other key nutrients!


Grass fed beef is known for being leaner, gamey and tough. Boyden Farm Beef has created the best of both worlds; tender rich flavor, along with fantastic marbling. Qualities rarely found in grass fed beef alone.


Boyden Farm Beef is Non-GMO verified - this includes not only our beef but additionally all of our crops grown to feed our cattle! No antibiotics or hormones ever - with great animal husbandry we naturally keep our cattle happy and healthy. Multinational companies are changing our food supply, we aim to bring beef back to family farms.

Our Happy Customers

“This is high quality beef that can be used for so many things! We grilled our steaks with a touch of salt & pepper and they melted in my mouth!”

Penny, Vermont

“Their logo of “Real Beef from Real Farmers” says it all - hands down the best beef you can find!”

Christopher, Maryland

“Meat was tender and enjoyed by all! Would highly recommend Boyden Farm Beef!”

Gretchen, Washington