Our farm

A fifth-generation farm located in Northern Vermont, Boyden Farm’s small farm roots run deep. Boyden Farm was originally an established dairy farm for many years. However, that changed in 2000 when we started looking for new opportunities for our family farm. Boyden Farm is now one of the increasing number of small family farms in the U.S. that are using sustainable farming practices to breed, raise and finish grass-fed beef.

Boyden Family

Boyden Farm Beef is proud to feed our cattle a grass-fed diet that is finished with Non-GMO grain and flax. Research has shown this diet and finishings increases Omega 3 content and other key nutrients, making our high quality beef better than grass-fed alone. Our small farm animal husbandry helps keep our cattle happy and healthy so there’s no need for antibiotics or hormones ever.

Our Mission

Our mission is to restore the health and sustainability in farming and to reinvent natural, healthy beef that we are meant to be eating. By supporting sustainable and healthy practices of farming, our customers are also supporting themselves through clean eating with our flavorful nutritious beef. We believe in the importance of knowing where your food comes by supporting our local butcher shops when producing our beef.