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Why Boyden Farm Beef?

Limited Reserve GrassPlus

Grass-fed beef is a large growing segment. Research shows that finishing with flax provides additional health benefits from higher Omega 3's.

Boyden Farm Beef fills the void that no other grass-fed beef alone does. GrassPlus, our unique feeding regimen puts our beef right between grass-fed alone and conventional grain-fed beef. 

Boyden Farm Beef is a premium product targeted at customers looking for grass-fed beef that has a superior taste experience. As one of the few "Non-GMO Verified" beef producers and having NEVER used any antibiotics or hormones, Boyden Farm Beef appeals to customers by being "Real Farmers" and producing beef that tastes just as good as it is for you.

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Our unique GrassPlus program features grass-fed beef finished with non-GMO and flax

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